Wedding season is upon us and it’s time to pick out your bridesmaid dresses! Do you make everyone wear the same dress or pick a color and have everyone pick their own. Often you run into the issue of whether or not the dress will look good on everyone and more often than not it probably won’t depending on the physique of your wedding party. Or in some cases, you’ll end up with an unhappy bridesmaid who wore it anyways and hated it. My bridal party came in shapes and sizes and they all looked fabulous. I selected several dresses and allowed them to choose the one they felt the best in and in the color I picked. They all liked and appreciated that Idea (as far as I know lol) and I think it turned out wonderfully. Then there is price point. What can everyone afford? Talk with each of them individually, you can choose a color and help someone find similar that fits their budget. Being part of a wedding is expensive and a big commitment. You want everyone to feel included and comfortable. I chose David’s Bridal for my bridesmaid gowns. They have a large selection of colors and sizes which was great. The other benefit is there is a David’s Bridal pretty much near everyone so it’s convenient for them to go in and try things on without the fuss of having to order it online and play the back and forth return game which is frustrating. Remember to allow everyone enough time and stress to them to order is as soon as they are able because alterations take extra time and you want to make sure it fits and is ready with some wiggle room. Below I will link the dresses from left to right. Although I cannot link mine, my dress is by Pnina Tornai and is from Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City. 

From Left to Right

  1. Briauna’s Dress looked fabulous and it was super flattering with a gorgeous ruffle detail! Also linking a similar one here 
  2. Briana my maid of honor wore this dress and it had some flair and was classic and chic. 
  3. Jojo’s dress had a pretty cap sleeve and mesh v-neck detail on the front. Also linking a similar one here 
  4. Lisa’s one shoulder dress looked amazing on her! It’s such an elegant and flattering choice! Had a beautiful satin belt detail as well. Linking a similar one here and here 
  5. Hilma’s Halter V-neck Dress was also a stunner! She looked absolutely beautiful 

I loved what they picked and could not have been happier! The other plus side of David’s Bridal is they have great sales and send out coupons often! This gives everyone a chance to save a little money 

My flower girl Ruthie got a beautiful dress we picked out from Amazon

Photography: Amanda Gilley 

Venue: Carnegie Institute of Science

Florals: Scentsational Florals

Wedding Coordinator: Janice Carnevale 

Makeup: Best Face Artists


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