Today I have something exciting and fun to share. It is the Oscars for Fragrances! I present you with the Fragrance Foundation Awards! Please go vote for your favorite fragrance at you can vote for one fragrance per category and voting ends May 31! And For those of you who don’t know I am a total fragrance junkie! I love perfume! I have so many and love each one, I constantly rotate fragrances so they always feel brand new.  I think I might also have a thing for the pretty bottles too, I always cherish them. I just had the opportunity to try out five fragrances that I was gifted by The Fragrance Foundation and I am so excited to review them. These were also ones I had never tried before. The first one was Pleasures by Estee Lauder It has a light and sweet presence with green and floral tones. So perfect for spring and summer. I liked how it blended with the natural oils of my skin over the course of the day, it was super fresh. My favorite of the bunch was the Ralph Lauren Romance it’s a light floral musk with notes of patchouli, white violet and exotic wood. It really is a romantic smell, it has a subtle presence which I loved, and it lasted all day. I was also given a sample of the Calvin Klein Eternity for Men, which I gave to my fiance to sample and he loved it, it’s a perfect manly scent without being super overwhelming like many colognes are. Some of it’s notes are amber, sandalwood, mandarin and lavender. It’s really alluring in my opinion. 🙂 Next I sampled the Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works, which I actually had not tried before which surprised me because I think we all have the bath and body works hoard of a lifetime. This smells like candy and it’s just generally yummy, and super affordable. Last but not least I sampled the Victoria’s Secret Heavenly which smelled so good, that must be one of the ones they spray in the store because It was so familiar and deluxe. It’s such a feminine and girly scent with tones of white musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony. Must have. These would also all make a perfect mother’s day gift! I linked some of these fragrances below so you can shop them, and thank you so much to the Fragrance foundation for gifting me these beautiful perfumes and for sponsoring this post.


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