Happy Saturday Everyone! I have partnered with  Perrier to share how the extraordinary character of Perrier Flavors inspires me #ad  One of the things that I find about living in NYC, with how busy it is, the sometimes I don’t take the time to “stop and smell the flowers”. I am always so busy and always dashing from one place to the next. I walk up and down the same streets every day, but do I actually take the time to stop and explore what is so close to me? The answer is not as much  as I wished I did. So this weekend I took some moments to “stop and smell the flowers” in my own neighborhood.

There is a park really close to my apartment, that always has a different art installation every few months and it is always SUPER COOL. Right now they have some new sculptures that I think are super colorful and fun. I’ve probably walked by them a hundred times without really realizing they were there, and they are huge and bright, how crazy is that?! So today I stopped and took a moment to sit and admire them as a whole. It’s funny to stop and imagine the artist even beginning to put something like that together, and imagine their process, and why they chose the shapes they did or what made them think to create it.

There’s also a fun cafe close by that has these super fun orange chairs. There’s also a pretty new garden full of hydrangeas they just installed. I think thats so amazing that they have all of these gorgeous blooming hydrangeas right by my house, those are one of my favorites and they are pretty hard to find. They are also a native flower of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts a place near and dear to my heart. It’s a little piece of heaven close to my home.

Speaking of flowers, I also love to stop by the flower market! and literally “stop and smell the flowers” and maybe buy some too! What is your favorite flower? I am a sucker for roses too, and they come in so many magical colors and this particular flower shop! I love to use them in my posts and they last for days before bruising! I like to create (what I consider) art with flowers, and I’m trying to get more creative with it, but for now I love using them in my flat lays, and I love to have some on my vanity all the time. They smell amazing and they make me smile.

Another thing I love to do is watch the sunset, I also love finding places with a view. We climbed up to the terrace on the bridge over 42nd street and there is a spectacular view of the Chrysler building peeking out. On the other side of the bridge it looks out on to part of the United Nations and the Hudson river. It’s often foggy but I still love it. Being up high like that makes me feel like I am separate, if just for a moment, from something so huge and crowded, and I find it relaxing. I enjoyed my view while sipping a crisp Watermelon #perrierflavors and it was delicious and refreshing. I also love that it has zero calories and zero sweetness, which means I can have as many as I want. What a fun flavor right? I highly recommend.


This post is sponsored by Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.



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