I literally live in athleisure as they like to call it. Aka, no pants are the best pants because leggings are life. I dont even wear jeans, just jeggings. But some of that was because of how much I had gained and it was targeted weight gain in my stomach so jeans were uncomfortable and looked awful. At least dressing like this is a thing now because not so long ago it was called leggings and a mumu or as I like to say wearing a tarp shirt LOL. I think some of it was because of how self conscious I became with my weight gain with my PCOS. It causes your stomach to swell up and gain weight in a certain way that creates a massive bulge at least for some people. I looked 7 months pregnant at one point. I totally gave up. I’ve lost about 45-50lbs now. I’m still catching up. Physically and Mentally. I used to tell myself don’t even bother trying to look good. Don’t buy nice clothes they arent meant for your body. Don’t wear anything form fitting so people can’t see your rolls. As if I would be so physically offensive if I did. This is so emotionally damaging to myself. I took a lot of time to start accepting myself whatever size I am and say you know what if someone doesn’t like it they can walk away. The weight loss has helped me gain my confidence back but I have a ways to go. Mental health is so important so if someone reads this who has beaten themself up before for every roll and jiggle its okay. You aren’t alone. I will note that it also doesn’t help that for a hot second not that long ago all of the sudden skin tight everything crop tops and bodysuits were the hottest thing to wear and that was hard to find clothes. I’m focusing on the now and loving myself more!  I work on it every day. Anyways I’ve linked some cute pieces to get the similar looks if you want to shop them!



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