This was definitely one of my favorite guides I’ve put together so far! This is a special 3 part guide featuring travel must-haves all available on Amazon! You can always pack normally but an organized trip will leave you feeling so much better. I also feel like there’s so many things you forget and the worst is getting on the plane and you aren’t comfortable or don’t have common things you’d forget to grab in a rush and no one likes a messy suitcase! 

  1. JEWELRY ORGANIZER  You want to make sure your accessories are protected, organized and tangle free!
  2. EXTENSION CORD You’d be shocked how handy this is. I *HATE* when I get to hotels and the outlets are weirdly placed around the room or their aren’t enough for us to plug in everything we need to. I also have these at home and use them every day. They are SO GOOD and it has direct USB ports in it!
  3. PORTABLE CHARGER I love this brand and keep the same one in my purse. It gives me about 3 full device charges before it needs to be recharged. It’s actually very light weight and slim!
  4. EYE MASK Whether you are taking a nap or in for the night you want to have the best night sleep you can. A lot of hotel outer curtains only close halfway or don’t block out the light enough! Problem solved! 
  5. NECK PILLOW I don’t know about you but I think airplanes are horrifically uncomfortable and if you want to take a snooze, you don’t want to wake up with a crick or fall asleep on a strangers shoulder (unless it’s destiny LOL) 
  6. PORTABLE SPEAKER! Wonderful for your hotel room and the beach!
  7. PACKING CUBES These are a life saver! I hate a disorganized suitcase especially for small stuff! Keep everything organized and packing and unpacking is a breeze! 
  8. LUGGAGE TAG Speaks for it self but still important and make sure to keep your address updated!
  9. LINT ROLLER Perfect for freshening up especially if you are wearing special occasion outfits, make sure you keep it with you also great for mens suits (it comes in other colors)
  10. TRAVEL SLEEP SET! There’s nothing like the feeling of home! Wash at home with your fave detergent and softener to use on plane or hotel! I always bring a little blanket or pillow I love. 
  11. EMERGENCY FIRST AID KIT! These come in more handy than you’d think always good to have on hand.
  12. WATER BOTTLE! Always important to stay hydrated on the go and you can fill with the hotel ice machine and refill as you go or you know possibly fill it with wine 🙂 
  13. ROLLING SUITCASE! I LOVE Delsey Luggage not only are they pretty they are super well made and last for years. My Delsey lasted me 12 years and I ended up wanting a different color and gave it to my mom
  14. FOLDING TOTE! You often end up bringing a little more back with you so it’s always good to have it on hand. It’s also good to bring with you when you are out exploring to carry your shopping if you need to
  15. PILLOW STAND So perfect for the plane car or hotel. Prop and store your devices for comfort and easy gaming or watching

Now moving on to your purse or carry on bag! Make sure you are totally prepped from out of the uber all the way through on the way to your hotel. 

  1. CARDIGAN I am always cold on the plane. Even in the summer. I love these and have them in almost every color plus they fold up really small and are lightweight but still cozy
  2. BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES Not only are they cute but if you are going to be watching movies or gaming on on your phone for a long flight or car trip, pop these on and let your eyes adjust and they also come in several colors
  3. MINI UMBRELLA! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached my final destination and we get outside and it’s pouring as we scramble to catch a cab!
  4. CARRY ON COCKTAIL KIT! When you order your drink on the plane order the alcohol necessary for the drink and mix it up. Comes in a bunch of flavors too!
  5. CHARGER PHONE CASE! Don’t get off the plane only to have drained your entire battery upon arrival. Let me tell you if your plane has outlets they are SO SLOW to charge. 
  6. IPHONE CORDS Similar to the extension cord in the above post having a few in different lengths is super helpful you can have your phone in the bed while it’s charging with the super long one and often you have multiple devices and phones to charge at once so these come in super handy!
  7. MINI PENS For those of you who like to write and journal through your journey these are so cute and compact!
  8. TRAVEL JOURNAL Take with you throughout your day and jot down memories that stood out to you
  9. FUZZY SOCKS My feet are always FREEZING ON THE PLANE and I’m that person that takes off their shoes. I have a few pairs of these and they are so cozy. 
  10. EARPLUGS Just bring them and thank me later! People snore on the plane (hopefully not the person beside you) but there’s always crying babies and not to mention how loud the plane sounds
  11. HEADPHONES! These are my fave and a good dupe for the frends headphones. Not only are they super chic they are noise canceling in my opinion.
  12. MINIMERGENCY KIT! I have a few of these and always keep them in my bag 
  13. PURSE ORGANIZER These are great for never full bags but they come in a few sizes and will work with pretty much any bag! I use mine daily and it’s also super convenient to swap your bags out without a mess.
  14. TRAVEL WALLET Keep your tickets, cash, passports and cards super organized with some extra room so you aren’t fumbling around at security also has RIFD Protection and comes in a bunch of colors
  15. LIP BALM Another thank me later must have
  16. LINT ROLLER! Something I always forget and am so glad I brought

Moving on to must have beauty essentials for any trip! 

  1. HAIR DRYER BAG! In addition to having a good portable small size hair dryer for travel it’s good to have a carrying case so the cord doesn’t get all tangled up. 
  2. FACE WIPES After walking around the city or being out in the heat I am always in need of a refresh! These wipes are great I love this line
  3. LED MIRROR Love this folding all-in-one mirror. I have one and love it and hotel lighting isn’t always that great. Plus it has different magnification sections so you can get all the details.
  4. MINI FLAT IRON Perfect size for travel to save space
  5. BLISTER STRIPS These are a lifesaver and you want to rock your new shoes but sometimes walking around even in your favorite comfortable shoes all day can prove cruel. I recommend putting them on beforehand.
  6. WET BRUSH I love these and they are great for beach trips. The bristles are gentle and flexible and get out tangles without snagging. Best used the name says when your hair is wet. 
  7. JADE ROLLER These are cool to the touch and you can even put them in the fridge. Helps reduce puffiness and tired eyes and face after a long trip
  8. TULA MINI KIT If you buy one thing BUY THIS I am obsessed with this line and have been using for years. It comes with all the essentials for your skincare routine and made with good ingredients. If you haven’t heard of TULA just read their reviews. You will never go back.
  9. TRAVEL MAKEUP BRUSHES Another good space saver and comes in a carrying case to keep them organized
  10. SATIN SCRUNCHIES Perfect for sleep and gentle on the hair so it doesn’t dry out. ALSO OUCHLESS. 
  11. MAKEUP BAG I love this one because it has different sections and holds a lot and you don’t necessarily have to use it for makeup. It’s great for all those small things that float around like accessories, cables and cords, sunglasses and even jewelry. Comes in a few colors and you can remove the various sections
  12. TRAVEL ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH. I personally hate brining my big toothbrush and truth be told it almost always turns on in my suitcase and I’m walking around with a vibrating bag (LOL) This one is small and compact too and the button is protected in the case. Comes in a few colors
  13. LED MINI MIRROR Great for your bag and touchups in between. This one gets super bright and is rechargable
  14. TRAVEL COSMETIC BAG WITH CONTAINERS The last thing you want taking over your suitcase is big clunky bottles of product when you only need a small amount for your trip. This one comes with jars and scooping wands to get the product in, a pump, spray bottles and twist off bottles. Dole out your skincare if you don’t have minis, shampoo, conditioner etc. I also believe this is all TSA size approved
  15. EVIAN SPRAY These are so worth it! Refresh after walking around in the heat or under the sun at the beach. Clean and refreshing

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I hope in this post you found something helpful for your trip! And thanks so much for shopping using my links I make a small commission from each purchase that I am so grateful for.



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