I get a lot of questions about how to get started with blogging and working and collaborating with companies.  A lot of things I have found by seeing what others are doing, talking with other bloggers who are kind and willing to share and by researching on my own. I love to support others and pay it forward so I am sharing with you some great places to get started.

Another great tip is to reach out to a brand you are really excited about and tell them you want to collaborate, don’t be shy I have found that brands really love this and often have opportunities so never be afraid to reach out. Focus on creating aesthetically pleasing content and engage with your audience. Don’t be afraid of people telling you no, there is always another door that will open. I have listed a few resources with my referral links you can use 🙂


Octoly– unpaid sponsored posts, offering free upscale beauty brands to try out. I try out a lot of new makeup and perfume here! Good stuff Sign up through my link here and you will get free points!

Revfluence– offers both paid and unpaid sponsored collaborations, lots of great brands to try, I’ve had a great experience on here.

Influenster-a source to review all types of products, they always have several Vox Box Campaigns going in which you get randomly selected based on your interests and reach to try out products for free- when you receive you will be required to do a list of tasks and sharing on social media. These are unpaid but great if you are just starting out.

ACTIVATE by Bloglovin’– Offers paid campaigns for bloggers, I have done a couple on here

Clever– Just started using this but so far so good! you will need to apply and be accepted.

Grapevine Logic– Offers paid and unpaid campaigns for bloggers, Instagram influencers and Youtbuers, Most of the campaigns would like videos, unboxing or hauls but occasionally some are great for Instagram posts

Social Fabric- A site with lots of “shoppertunities” this is mostly food/grocery related, they offer several types of paid collaborations

Popular Pays– Offers paid collaborations from a variety of brands, worth a shot!

Social Native- Offers paid posts from lots of good brands, I think the amount you are paid depends on your reach but I’ve had a good experience here, for some campaigns you will be required to obtain the product yourself

Socialix-Just got accepted on here but seems to have a lot of great brands and offers both paid and unpaid posts.

Linqia – Paid collaborations for bloggers

The Cirqle Offers exclusive campaigns with high end, popular and luxury brands.

Shopstyle Collective-Similar to reward style but is paid per click and also offers commission on sales made through your links.

IZEA The Creator Marketplace join through my referral link here 

RewardStyle/Like to Know it-You will need to apply and get accepted, if you are interested and have a good following and content, feel free to message me and I can try to refer you. As for the process, I was accepted right away, but I have also heard that it can be a lengthy process for others. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t accepted, I think you are allowed to try again after a certain period of time. This platform offers your audience to shop your outfits and posts through their app and if your followers buy from your link you earn a commission.

Fohr Card- A resource that allows you to reach out to brands and collaborate along with analyzing your following across your various platforms. It also makes you a little press kit with your stats if you do not also have a media kit! I am proud that I have a Fohr Card Verified Authentic Following.